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Erotic Vacation the ‘Hot Break’ for Couples, going to become a Trend

The erotic vacation ‘Hot Break’ is a very special mystery vacation for couples with the exclusive intention to enjoy sex to the maximum to celebrate their relationship. Couples who expect more from their relationship can make taking a ‘Hot Break’ at least once in a year as an important yearly event. If a couple finds out what exactly ‘Hot Break’ is and goes through that experience, it will be incapable to hide it for themselves. It will spill out to their close friends and will start to spread secretly between close friends and to their close friends and to their close friends,…

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Should we allow Testosterone and Estrogen to Decide about Man-Woman Relationship?

When couples were young and they were attracted to each other and enjoyed sexual intercourse every now and then, they should have had the feeling that they are in a happy relationship in the presence of true love and it was good. But when they reached late forties things have changed, enthusiasm and warmth of friendship have cooled down, frequency of sexual interactions drastically dropped, overall glitter of happiness between couples faded a lot, what happened?           If couple’s friendship and fascination towards each other turned into a serious relationship was the work of true love, then what went wrong? A logical…

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A Sneak Look into the book – Sex is Love!

  ...........The fact that sex gives life its meaning is indisputable. Our goal in this book is to find sensible, effective ways to use the intense happiness generated by sex to uplift male female relationships and make them more meaningful and lasting............         ..............To the outside world, a “Hot Break” will look just like an ordinary vacation. Only the couple themselves knows they are on a Hot Break, as they discreetly enjoy their relationship in a special way............                   ..........Let all those beautiful memories roll around in every nook and cranny of your mind. Do not entertain even…

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Search for Wholesome Sex would be a worthwhile resolution for the year 2019!

Wholesome sex is, a man and a woman enjoying sex with hearts have no hidden intentions or holdbacks, not just to devour pleasure for oneself but also labouring with total willingness to make the other one happy with the certain belief that sex is good and righteous. Searching for and finding this wholesome sex would be a wonderful and meaningful task. Women and men who are in committed relationship can make that search as their number one resolution for this New Year 2019. Those who chose to find wholesome sex as the most important resolution for this New Year should start with…

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Physical Intimacy the pathway to True Love

True love is sublimely encompassing, emancipating from all the bitter emptiness of life, the most fulfilling experience of pure happiness. And physical intimacy of sexual intercourse is the extreme and wholesome experience two human beings can indulge enjoying the intense good feeling of all. To what extent true love can flourish and glow within this act of sexual intercourse?! Sexual acts are not appreciated as the best way to express true love, because true love is considered something superior and profound, so it cannot be fully or properly expressed by sexual acts or physical intimacy, which is the general notion. But the…

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