Novelette “The Second Life” chapter 4


            Presence of women, especially women between eighteen to forty, forty-five cause to develop an internal salacious vibration in any men, this is not at all a new finding, still it always feels like an interesting new discovery, it is a game played by nature from the beginning. There are many women in the places Mark is now involved, there are many within desirable age limit and single. Volunteers working among homeless people and food bank, caregivers in old age homes, some of them are very attractive, and few are with very impressive personalities as well. But Mark is very much watchful to pretend he is not looking for a woman, but to be true he is in search of a suitable woman who would be compatible to the desires of his mind. Within the span of three four days some interesting small talks happened between Mark and some attractive females. His impressive masculine personality works the magic to reach impressive women easily.

           An attraction evolved in Mark towards an interesting, beautiful and sensuous woman in her late twenties, Emma Luis. His eye movements and the whole body language developed an inclination towards Emma Luis. Now and then the subconscious use to remind him about his fluctuations towards Emma, but he ignored it all like he is helpless about the matters about Emma at this point, or he may be even giving himself into it knowingly. Emma has started to have a feeling that something is going on, and, Mark also had a feeling that Emma is having a feeling that something is going on. Mark’s singularity spread into air by an old lady’s peeping question about his family. Emma’s separation from her boyfriend is floating around as rare murmurs even from the time Mark joined the organisation. 

          One of those days when they were volunteering in food bank, Emma asked Mark what is he doing, intending towards his actual profession. He said, he is in property and rental business in Toronto and now in middle of developing his business to Vancouver also. Mark asked about Emma’s plans for that weekend and for that Saturday.

                             She said ‘Nothing specific’.

                  He asked her out and she accepted his invitation. Circumstances for the union of a male and female has started to evolve, primarily it is fascinating.

          Mark took Porsche this time, he picked Emma from the porch of the apartment she lives with her mom.

               They reached the restaurant on exact time the table was booked. The restaurant is elegantly buzzing with its perfect and attractive shapes, colors, light and noises. Mark and Emma are also well suited to that place. They have been served with verity of glamour foods. It did not seem like the tastes or numbers of different kind of foods are of any issue for Mark or Emma, they are concerned and immersed only in the conversations between them. Their conversations are only about recent happenings in their lives. Between knives and forks, both of them did not allow the other to break into their past much. Both failed to let the barrier inside them to break down for the other one to go in, for some reason or reasons not clear, or might be the time is not yet ripe. Anyhow the occasion did not turn odd, it is moving smooth. Around and between Emma and Mark many vague expectations were humming. At a point in dessert Emma sleekly asked,

                                                       ‘Are you enjoying this life alone?’

         It took exactly four seconds Mark to respond, it was a bit detached too,

                  ‘Yes….. I think so….. nothing now to feel otherwise ……what about you?’

         Emma also took few seconds to answer, with a faint smile and glimpse at Mark,

                       ‘Not much…. but I have a feeling it’s good… to have a break to

                          sort out things.’

         Mark continued trying more to be casual without allowing the chain of conversation to break,

               ‘Um… I enjoy the freedom I have now… don’t want to lose it ever again in my life’

       Emma also didn’t break the chain,

                                        ‘Yeah ….freedom is happiness ….that’s true…but…’

       After a small pause their conversation turned again to trivial things of no use. Here a man may be enjoying the presence of a woman and a woman may be enjoying the presence of a man, but didn’t seem anything emerging of any value. However atmosphere of the restaurant has a scent and character of men and women unions, a feebly romantic presence of pleasure.   Even though time is in absolute continuation, it is divided into parts as well, every part has an end, and this part also came to an end gradually.

             Mark dropped Emma at the porch of her apartment and walked with her up to the door. They departed after a soft hug exchanging just small kisses on cheeks.

             When Mark lain down to sleep he was disappointed, he did not struggle to find out why he is disappointed. He thought there might be more than one reason and decided to be patient, and fell asleep.

             Mark stayed away from voluntary work next week, he did not call Emma either, and she also did not. When they met the week after for some work among homeless people Mark pretended like nothing is different than normal and Emma also behaved accordingly pretending nothing special going on. But, she got a feeling of the truth that Mark is trying to distance from her. Not to reveal her awareness Emma skillfully tried to be more jovial with small talks, but some occasions made Mark confused. Whenever they met a faint but uncomfortable emotional tension surrounded them. In the world of only Emma and Mark it is almost like nothing is moving forward much.

             They are standing face to face just looking here and there without exchanging a word and slowly they disappeared.

             Mark started to have a strong feeling that he is not on the right path in search for a woman friend. The bitterness, hatred, disillusions, letdowns wounds, bruises, scars, all of those from the past might be covertly, furtively compelling him to take a different path. Mark has started to struggle every minute to find out what that path is, sometimes he became really tired. At times he felt like reached at the verge to abandon the fight, but he is unable to do so. 

                        *                       *                     *                      *                        *