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Physical Intimacy the pathway to True Love

True love is sublimely encompassing, emancipating from all the bitter emptiness of life, the most fulfilling experience of pure happiness. And physical intimacy of sexual intercourse is the extreme and wholesome experience two human beings can indulge enjoying the intense good feeling of all. To what extent true love can flourish and glow within this act of sexual intercourse?!

Sexual acts are not appreciated as the best way to express true love, because true love is considered something superior and profound, so it cannot be fully or properly expressed by sexual acts or physical intimacy, which is the general notion. But the reality can be, we might not yet been fully realized the wonderful capability of physical intimacy of sexual act, that it can enhance the amazing experience of true love.

Physical intimacy of sexual intercourse is so immersing, engulfing and amalgamating. When a man and a woman in committed relationship involve in sexual intercourse there is an increased possibility to get elevated to a dreamy place of ‘True Love’, which is a reasonable hope. This may sound overly romantic or imaginary, but the truth is, there is much more truth in it than we casually expect. Looking into this matter seriously would be very interesting and surprisingly rewarding about enjoying woman and man relationship.

Experimenting with extreme physical intimacy to go through the wonderful experience of love is surely a adventure worth taking. Ignoring by laziness or not being curious enough to find out the range of matters nature offers us is not a wise choice. Just knowing is not enough, let’s do it!