Read a Novelette for Free! – “The Second Life” chapter 1

The Second Life

A Novelette by Sean Moore


          Almost all, if not, lot many circumstances are promising to be happy, but, not happy continuously for a long while. If lucky enough, one day suddenly will get a spark that will prompt to do something to really enjoy just simple and pure happiness.

         It happened a little while ago in a glowing golden evening just around the end of winter. Mark Weaver decided firmly to take necessary steps, public and secret, to be happy. He did that actually by a pressure of spontaneous force of its own when reached at the extreme limit he is capable to suffer adjusting with the deep dark grey irritation of unhappiness. Past is disappearing behind, future starts to unfold, and Mark is on the move in present.   

         Mark’s high-end luxury sports utility vehicle is moving swiftly but smoothly towards the new destination. Bright sunlight bursts into the car from northwest sky frequently through the gaps in between trees on the side of Marine Drive. It is a day most of us will feel shining sun is a fortune.

             Even though everything around bright, lively and moving, an uneasy heaviness developed as a flash in Mark out of nowhere, confused and kind of lost. A touchy, mildly heart aching sadness spread inside Mark which is totally an untimely thing to happen. He tried to shake it off with a bit of anger towards himself, in between concentrating in driving. He has succeeded in it to a good extent without much delay by the help of all the light and movements surrounding him.

             Bright golden sun rays sparkling on the edges of dark green branches of trees, satin blue sky and deep sapphire wavy pacific, all combined in making of a wonderful artwork. Speeding car makes it livelier; it helped Mark a lot to come out of that dark grey moody place.  

            At a moment of this light, color and speed by an unforced flash evoked a titillating inner vision in Mark, a wishful expectation not unnatural to show up in a forty-six year old man’s mind. He thought,

        ‘This ride would have been much more energized by fizzing anticipation about tonight a sensually jubilant one, if there is a gorgeous young woman in the passenger seat.’

         Mark reallysaw a voluptuous young woman in the passenger seat for three seconds, but disappointingly accepted the truth soon that there is no one else in his car. Mark actually chose himself to be alone for a while to give enough time to get as much as a clear look into next part of his life. He shook off untimely thoughts and tried to make himself happy with the beauty flowing on either sides of his car.

          Inside the moving car phone rang, Mark accepted the call.

                           ‘Hello Mr. Weaver?’ a man’s voice.

                                ‘Yes Weaver’

      Man’s voice continues,

‘Hello Mr. Weaver how’re you doing?’

                                Mark,  ‘Good thanks, you?’

      Man continues 

               ‘Good thanks, I’m Rick from the security company, we are almost done with the work here in your house, may be maximum fort five minutes more, are you coming? If not I can lock the house and can keep the key in our office’

               ‘No, no I’m coming, almost there, will be there in twenty – twenty five minutes.’

                               ‘Okay then see you soon Mr. Weaver, thanks’

                                 ‘No problem, see you bye’

               Mark’s car turned a curve of a side road and came forward, behind sun shimmers on a piece of fluctuating Pacific between trees and houses, and everywhere. This is the kind of place where Mark secretly, deep inside, always wanted to be. This is a place which creates a gush in some, an intense and touching desire to be there as long as they can.

           Mark’s car turned into a driveway and went through an already open elegantly designed tall metal gate which is the entrance in the fencing surrounds an exquisite two-story house. Car passes slowly beside two security company vans parked there. When the car moves sunlight reflected from a window of the house flashed on Mark, unexplainably he felt it as a pleasant welcoming gesture. He parked the car in front of garage, took something from the back seat of the car and walked into his new house. Security company people left.

           This is Mark weaver’s first day of living in newly bought house, custom renovated, fully  

furnished, interior decorated all new, security cameras are active now and all other home alarm essentials are in place. Mark leaned back in a sofa with a relaxing sigh has an emotional texture. Where is now, what is in the future? Mark got a sudden but mild hit of feeling with trace of fear about the choices he made recently. Sunlight through west side window is devising weird shadows in the living room floor. Ignoring and brushing off the presence of vague fear is the best option, even if it is a male tactic of easy way out, it is acceptable in present situation, it will give more anxiety free time to plan things. Anyway to whom should Mark has to answer now? Mark stood up and crossed to open concept kitchen, placed a coffee capsule in the machine, switched on and walked to window and stood there looking far down the gliding, glittering ocean.    

           When it is dark Mark had a soothing shower. He stepped out of the shower drying body with towel and stood in front of mirror glancing at the stark naked him. The sight of pubic hair always is a bit embarrassing and irritating as if it is one unnecessary primitive bit remains in human body. He use to trim it periodically as a must. His wife use to react about his secretive act of pubic hair brooding is for some hidden intentions. She is not his wife now. His body is naturally overall hairless, medium well built with a feeble belly very much suited for a middle aged man. When head to toe totally naked it is like a kind of vulnerability surrounds, lonely naked existence may bring in a weakening effect. May be he is enjoying his own nakedness a little bit, but with some feeling of shame. Anyway this naked man is the true basic Mark Weaver. Mark’s robust penis and testicles hang well perfectly. Are humans getting degraded to the level of just a creature when totally naked? However this is truly the basic form of Mark’s existence.   

           Mark walked into kitchen in pajamas, poured some fine French chardonnay and warmed up food from the fridge, sat at the kitchen bar and started to sip slowly. He is into some personal lonely time, sand grains of the new phase falling idly. The struggle to fill in blanks and to solve cross words for the next plan is mildly dizzying. All of the knots are not getting untied, but there is not any reason to worry, he comforted himself. Space around Mark turns moody into night as he sipping chardonnay and chewing barbequed meat.  

           Mark slid inside silky quilt in his cozy bed. Now and then rolled right and left eagerly begging for a comforting sleep to possess him like a good spirit. But it seems his body is not  fully submitting sleep to blend in, a very gloomy place where he is lying now, it is not at all a good feeling. At a surprising moment it has started to happen, starting from groin, sensuous waves started to spread mild enjoyable wiggle all over the body. He saw, out of dark thin air one irresistibly sexy young woman appeared, actually two of them, ages around thirty-five and forty, no twenty-four, twenty-seven. Pulling away the quilt both jumped over Mark giggling and peeled off his pajama. Both curvaceous were absolutely naked, they crawled over him as if very much enjoying making Mark happy every which way possible. One hold his face in two palms and engaged in French kiss dragging her breasts on his chest. He grabbed one of her bewitching breast and mashed tenderly, while kneading softly the other one’s stunning buttocks. The other one is now playing with Mark’s robustly erect penis with one hand and mouth while her other hand is playing a squeeze game on his wholesome balls. His two fingers are now sliding in and out in slippery wet mystery hole eagerly. The first sexy is kissing down all through chest, belly and reached his pulsating man tool and started to compete with the other beauty with mouth and hands. He has two juicy magic holes now to play with, what a delight?! After a while of celebrating fabulous penis and testicles one of those horny charmers crawled upwards and sat over his face and started twerk dancing, while the other naughty climbed over him and sat on his hard manhood letting it slide inside her wonder hole and started to bob euphorically. After a while those two raunchy beauties jumped down and stooped onto bed side by side completely presenting to him. He joyfully played in both wonder holes with his hard tool back and forth. This celebration of threesome continued for some time with groans and moans of highest joy. Mark hold his wooden hard penis with both hands and enjoying with various movements frantically and ended up in many lush squirts.            

           Mark cleaned the slippery mess with tissues and lied back, an embarrassing disappointment crept in as usual. The gloom follows masturbation is an annoyance, attempt to find the reason for that will always fail.  But, the important question in the darkness of this bedroom is, why a man of this stature and affluent assets has to be in bed alone and engage in self pleasuring? Hurting presence of loneliness started to fill in the darkness against all attempts to defend. Things happened are happened, Mark decided to give the time the time needed for next things to happen.

          Cuddle hormone produced by the previous action has started to induce a psychedelic heaviness all over his body, and Mark sank into sound sleep.

                            *                       *                     *                      *                        * 

(to be continued……)