Search for Wholesome Sex would be a worthwhile resolution for the year 2019!

Wholesome sex is, a man and a woman enjoying sex with hearts have no hidden intentions or holdbacks, not just to devour pleasure for oneself but also labouring with total willingness to make the other one happy with the certain belief that sex is good and righteous. Searching for and finding this wholesome sex would be a wonderful and meaningful task. Women and men who are in committed relationship can make that search as their number one resolution for this New Year 2019.

Those who chose to find wholesome sex as the most important resolution for this New Year should start with knowing clearly where they are now regarding the character of sexual enjoyment and to what level it makes their relationship gleeful. Accepting the fact that sex is good and righteous wholeheartedly is the key to open the door to the ultimate experience of sexual enjoyment and it will take man and woman relationship to an astonishing next level.

When couples involve in sexual intercourse most of the time will go into it unknowingly in a rush to enjoy the good feeling of sexual activity. Mostly couples will not plan consciously or clearly about to what level and ways they want to enjoy the goodness of sexual intercourse. This kind of sexual encounter ignited by casual horniness will not lead to the wholesome experience of sexual intercourse; probably couples will miss out many wonderful rewards of sex play. 

Having a clear and romantic plan would be the truly effective approach to enjoy wholesome sex in its fullest. This thought is the one lead me to write the book ‘Sex is Love – Rekindling Your Passion with a Hot Break’. This book will take couples through a fascinating journey of wholesome sex by a detailed and realistic plan. This book would be a wonderful one to read if you think sex is good and you want more out of sexual intercourse within a loving relationship.

Some very interesting fresh ideas in this book will take woman and man relationship to a place of unforeseen experience.