Should we allow Testosterone and Estrogen to Decide about Man-Woman Relationship?

When couples were young and they were attracted to each other and enjoyed sexual intercourse every now and then, they should have had the feeling that they are in a happy relationship in the presence of true love and it was good. But when they reached late forties things have changed, enthusiasm and warmth of friendship have cooled down, frequency of sexual interactions drastically dropped, overall glitter of happiness between couples faded a lot, what happened?

          If couple’s friendship and fascination towards each other turned into a serious relationship was the work of true love, then what went wrong? A logical thought can arise at this point about the intervention of physiology in this matter. Are those hormones Testosterone and Estrogen playing a part in damping the happiness and enthusiasm of relationship between men and women? It could be, so it is better to take a serious look at it for the sake of happy relationships.

         It is true testosterone and estrogen will play its game in time for nature. Yes nature will go its own way, there is no bargain. But, as humans we should rise above with our sincere scrutiny to overcome this game of nature. Humans have gained ability to override nature to a good extent and nothing is wrong if it is for virtuous intentions. Let our superior intelligence and, generously considerate and take it easy true love work magic for lasting gleeful relationships.                  

          Reaching at the point to take action, total willingness is the first true step. Approach relationship experts or sexologists and follow their advice sincerely without inhibitions according to each couple’s comfort. Acquiring ideas from good books and other sources and practicing those wisely within couple’s private world also a good path can take. Estrogen or Testosterone whatever, enjoyment of sex is the most intense and only one of a kind thrilling good experience, do not be lazy to miss any of it.